Songwriting Tips for Beginners

For many busy students and professionals, the weekend is a prime time to work those creative muscles. To help, we’ve put together a handy infographic to maximize that time. Leave a comment below. What suggestions would you add?

5 Social Media Tips for Musicians

Social media can be a great tool for musicians. Here are 5 quick tips to help improve your social media presence. Be present Be there. Participate. Don’t just set up social media sites and leave them to gather dust! If you’re nervous about not having time, pick one or two social media sites and get really, really […]

Apploud – A new way to discover and support musicians

If you’re a fan of music, or technology, (or both) you should check this out! Apploud is a new app combining the best of many worlds. It combines the convenience of Instagram with musicians’ Twitter handles, joined with crowdfunding (like Kickstarter). Only there is no fundraising goal. And it’s easy. And mobile. And SUPER convenient. […]

Billboard to start counting SONGS!

This is huge! The first change in over 20 years for the Billboard 200 is happening next week… Starting next week, the Billboard 200 will include streams and downloads of single tracks from an album. Ten downloads from a service like iTunes or 1,500 streams on a subscription service like Spotify by will equal the […]

Clive Davis on The Voice

Have you seen this? Clive Davis on The Voice. THE Clive Davis. Any upcoming artist should watch this. Any music lover should watch this. Clive Davis is a legend, and the little snippets of advice he slips in here are priceless. Original video posted here.

Is radio dead?

Billboard published an interesting article yesterday called Streaming Drives Sales. The article cited a study released by the Country Music Association that cites some fascinating statistics: Adults 18-plus are far more likely to buy music after being exposed to it on streaming services than listeners who hear a song for the first time on AM/FM radio 50% who […]

Taylor Swift vs Spotify

Taylor Swift has been all over the news lately. She recently pulled her entire catalog from the online streaming service Spotify.  TIME posted an article yesterday, interviewing Scott Borchette, the CEO of Taylor Swift’s record label. At face value, the dispute appears to be all about money. Borchette says Taylor Swift received less than $500,000 for music streamed on […]