Social media can be a great tool for musicians. Here are 5 quick tips to help improve your social media presence.

Be there. Participate. Don’t just set up social media sites and leave them to gather dust! If you’re nervous about not having time, pick one or two social media sites and get really, really good at them. Do your research. Where are your fans? That’s where you want to be!

A picture speaks a thousand words. Pictures draw people in. They see what you see. Let them into your world!

Are people talking about you, or trying to talk to you? Listen! What do they want to know? Tell them! Respond with a quick “thanks”, or a quick “hi!” Anything to let your listeners know you’re there, and you care!

You’re a person, not a machine. Let your fans know that! They want to know you. They want to know what kind of music you listen to when you’re having an off day. What’s your favorite snack on your way to a gig? Are there people who mean a lot to you? Let your fans in. They’ll support you!

Make your voice, your branding, your fonts, your logos, your colors, your promo material all consistent. Take 30 minutes and find a font that feels like you and your music. Use it. What colors do you want people to think of when they listen to your music? Find out what matches you and your music and use those things consistently across all social media and promo material. Your fans will learn what to expect from you!

What works for you? Are there things that have proven to be more useful than you anticipated?


Photo credit: mkhmarketing / Foter / CC BY
Some of the information here came from Bobby Owsinski’s book Social Media Promotion For Musicians.
(Read book excerpt here)

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