If you’re a fan of music, or technology, (or both) you should check this out!

Apploud is a new app combining the best of many worlds. It combines the convenience of Instagram with musicians’ Twitter handles, joined with crowdfunding (like Kickstarter). Only there is no fundraising goal. And it’s easy. And mobile. And SUPER convenient.

Apploud gives listeners the ability to support artists with even $1. (That’s hundreds of streams on Spotify!) There is no minimum like there is with many crowdfunding sites. The company takes 10% of earnings and the rest goes to the artist.

TechCrunch did a great write up about the app. From their article:

Content is uploaded by fans who witness great live music and they can tag the twitter handles of the artists featured. Within 10 seconds a fan can help the artist make money by sharing their videos. Once the twitter handles are tagged, the app automatically adds links to tip the artist (or their favourite charity), buy tickets to their next show, or buy their music.

Musicians, are you listening? If you don’t have a Twitter account – GET ONE!

Fans, are you listening? Follow your favorite artist. Help them keep making the music you love!

And while you’re there, follow @KristinaEvonne.

What do you think? Would you be willing to “tip” an artist with this app?

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