IMG_0020 Every once in a while, you get an opportunity to perform somewhere extra special. In April the Little Bloomsbury Art Festival was just such a place.

I was lucky enough to have my pre-album release concert align with the Art Festival. The combination of these two was a match made in heaven, and not just because my song “Dream” corresponded so perfectly with the Festival theme “What Dreams are Made Of.” This concert was special for many reasons, but especially because of the tie in to my personal history, the atmosphere of Little Bloomsbury, and the amazing support I had.

Personal Ties

A few of the paintings of my late grandmother Demarious found their way to the Little Bloomsbury foundation and many of them hang on their walls. Demarious was a lover of the arts and passed that love to her children and grandchildren. Her family is filled with artists of all types: musicians, visual artists, singers, dancers, photographers… The love of creating strongly comes from her influence. Music is one way I connect with her, and has been since I started playing. As I walked into the warm up room at Little Bloomsbury I was greeted with several of her incredible paintings hanging on the walls. It was a special reminder that Demarious was looking out for me. I find these small moments to be a significant reminder that knowing your past can inspire a bright future. I’m forever grateful for my grandmother’s influence, and to have these moments remind me of why I love what I do!

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A Great Atmosphere

The concert itself was a blast. The atmosphere of the Little Bloomsbury house is cozy and inviting. The performance was close and intimate. As a performer, these moments are memorable because you get to experience what your audience experiences. You get to see into their eyes as they are listening to the words you wrote. It’s amazing. When you sing a line that says “You’re never too old, never too young to have a dream” you can look right at the grandmother with a grandchild on her lap and be reminded exactly why you wrote a lyric. Intimate concerts build an artist from the inside out, and this was no exception. I love the moments when I’m moved as a performer, and playing this concert at Little Bloomsbury was full of these intimate moments.

Not every moment was deeply fulfilling. There were moments of hilarity as well. I took this opportunity to cover “Summer in Ohio” from The Last Five Years. The song itself is hilarious. I loved performing this one in such a small setting because I watched people from just feet away laughing at the lyrics. These little moments are why I love performing.

IMG_0014Great Support

The concert at the Art Festival was also very special to me because of the support I had. A quick shout out to Nathan, Rae, Malinka, Brenda, Britton, Dana, Toph, Daniel, and my cute mama. It was so fun to have you all there. It was so fun to be in such a comfortable environment where people felt welcome to wander around the home, take in the beautiful artwork, grab a refreshment, and sink into a warm couch to enjoy the ambiance. It was amazing to be part of that vibe.

I loved wandering around after the show mingling with those who were at the Festival. Many thanks to Little Bloomsbury for the invitation to perform and for providing such a great atmosphere. Also many thanks to Thirteen/Eight Productions who provided sound for the evening. You make me sound my best. Thank you!!


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