Many people have been asking about the upcoming album. When will it be available? When can I hear it? Why does it take so long?

When you hear an album for the first time, it’s brand new. It’s quick. The album was downloaded in seconds. And it’s glorious. However, the preparation for the album is hidden in the background like an Olympian’s training routine. You only see the final race on TV, not the hours and hours of training that preceded that one race. You hear about it, but all you really want to see is who wins. You care about the whole thing, but what really gets you excited is that race.

Recording an album
is kind of like that.

It’s not a bad thing. Quite the opposite, actually. Every moment in the studio is magical. For a song to make the journey from a thread in the back of your mind into something people listen to is a unique experience every.single.time. To have an engineer who can bring to life the music in your head is a profound experience. To have musicians play your song is an exhilarating experience. And every second of every song is played over and over.

In the next few weeks, you’ll get a glimpse into that preparation that is taking place. You’ll learn a bit about the ins and outs of songwriting and studio recording. If you have any questions, ask away! This is your chance to learn about the whole process.

Welcome to the journey!

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