Billboard to start counting SONGS!

This is huge! The first change in over 20 years for the Billboard 200 is happening next week… Starting next week, the Billboard 200 will include streams and downloads of single tracks from an album. Ten downloads from a service like iTunes or 1,500 streams on a subscription service like Spotify by will equal the […]

Clive Davis on The Voice

Have you seen this? Clive Davis on The Voice. THE Clive Davis. Any upcoming artist should watch this. Any music lover should watch this. Clive Davis is a legend, and the little snippets of advice he slips in here are priceless. Original video posted here.

Knock Down The Barrier

Here it is!!!! A quick mix of the upcoming single Knock Down the Barrier   A few thoughts from Kristina: Has there ever been someone or something in your life that no matter what you do there’s this invisible wall between you and this “thing” and all you want to do is knock down the walls that […]