On My Way | Official Single

It’s HERE!!!! Here’s the official lyric video for On My Way by Kristina Evonne Enjoy, share, and stay tuned!

The perfect songwriting formula

If you’re a country music fan, you may recognize any of these songs:     Songwriting is tricky and simple in the same breath. There are formulas that work consistently over time (see here, here, or here). Formulas have been used throughout history in music. Even Gregorian Chants had a basic formula. When you learn basic […]

Is radio dead?

Billboard published an interesting article yesterday called Streaming Drives Sales. The article cited a study released by the Country Music Association that cites some fascinating statistics: Adults 18-plus are far more likely to buy music after being exposed to it on streaming services than listeners who hear a song for the first time on AM/FM radio 50% who […]