8 Questions to ask Taylor Swift

We’ve been talking to Kristina lately about her inspiration, her music idols, and people she admires. Taylor Swift fell into all three categories, so we pried a little further. We wanted to know 8 questions Kristina would ask Taylor Swift if she had the chance. Here’s what Kristina told us: If you could give your […]

Is radio dead?

Billboard published an interesting article yesterday called Streaming Drives Sales. The article cited a study released by the Country Music Association that cites some fascinating statistics: Adults 18-plus are far more likely to buy music after being exposed to it on streaming services than listeners who hear a song for the first time on AM/FM radio 50% who […]

Taylor Swift vs Spotify

Taylor Swift has been all over the news lately. She recently pulled her entire catalog from the online streaming service Spotify.  TIME posted an article yesterday, interviewing Scott Borchette, the CEO of Taylor Swift’s record label. At face value, the dispute appears to be all about money. Borchette says Taylor Swift received less than $500,000 for music streamed on […]