When I write a song, the process is usually the same.

The beginning moments vary. Sometimes the music comes first. More often than not, the lyrics will come first, sometimes in just a form of one word, and I’ll create an entire song around that one word. After I’ve written down the idea, I’ll look at the song as a whole, and I’ll see any words that are filler words or lyrics. I’ll try to replace them. Then I look at the song, read through the lyrics, and see the message it brings. If it portrays the message I intended, I write it down in a notebook.

Usually that song sits around for a few weeks. I’ll find it in a notebook, and it will be the most magical moment because I realize I still have a song that needs to be worked on. I’ll grab my guitar, sit down, and figure out the melody I’m hearing in my head. I’ll find the chord progression and play around with finger picking. If it feels or sounds right, I move forward. After many patterns and options, I find one I fall in love with. I experiment with the sound I want for that song.  Then, once I’ve found it, I let it rest. It sits around for a few weeks. I’ll pick up the guitar again and start working on the song.

Eventually, I take this song that started out as a single word in my mind to my producer and we start the recording process. Sometimes right before we start recording the final vocal, after all the instrument tracks are down, my producer will say “Something doesn’t sound right.” We have brief  songwriting sessions and change words around so the song has the best lyric possible. When we figure it out, we experience a golden moment. We realize we have a song that is going to be incredible because of a few alterations we just made.

We go in, record the song, and the magic of the studio happens. I have a great producer. He hears music among rubble. After he mixes it and is pleased, I go back in and make sure it’s what I envisioned.

The moment I hear the finished product is incredible.

It started out as an idea in my head, and became tangible. It is an incredible feeling to witness the process. Then I dance around realizing I get to share this song with people. This song could make someone’s day better. It may offer words that didn’t exist to someone before.






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