Artists are always on the lookout for better ways to connect with their fans. Meerkat might be the new answer.

Meerkat, a new social app, has hit twitter by storm. The service allows someone to share a live video feed to the twitterverse. Anyone, anywhere, can tune into the feed and watch it while it is in progress. Once the life feed is over, it is done and can’t be re-watched. The first weeks that the app was released had live feeds from all over the country with subjects ranging from a yoga masterclass to teenage girls talking about their recent twitterpations.

So how can musicians use this goldmine to engage listeners?

You’re an emerging artist – translation: no money to spare. You’re barely able to pay rent, but you’re working on it! You’ve got a few followers on social media who have expressed interest in seeing you perform, but you don’t have a spare penny to rent a venue.

Enter Meerkat. You find a well-lit room, a park, or a vacant stage and get ready. Your show is about to become a worldwide endeavor.

For free.

You send out a tweet that you are going to present a special concert to your fans on Twitter. The link for the live stream goes out and at 8 pm on Friday, your fans can listen in. Your listeners can even tweet back to you during the performance.

Connecting to your fans just became even easier. Performing just became an experience for those with little (if any) money to spend.

Meerkat is an incredible social tool for the #DIYmusician.


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