“Do you hate being tall?”

Homecoming date
Kristina and her homecoming date

This is a question that I have been asked twice in the last seven days. (If I chose to swear here is where I would say hel…lo no.)

I love being tall! It’s a part of who I am. I remember when I was in the first grade kids thought that I was a fifth grader (just because of my height). You should have seen the shocked looked painted on my classmates’ faces when they realized we were the same age!

I haven’t always loved being tall. When I was in the seventh grade, I came to the conclusion that girls would always be taller than boys and there was no hope for us tall girls. I remembering hating being tall and always slouching sunconsciously. My older sister called me on the phone one day and talked to me as if she was looking me straight in the eye and explained the beauty of being tall. From that day forward I’ve had a different attitude about being tall. Instead of hating my height I have chosen to embrace my height.

Let me tell you a little thing about being tall. It most definitely has its advantages. You can reach shelves and books, you are almost guaranteed a middle spot for pictures, and you can give amazing hugs. However there are drawbacks…

My friends, one of the biggest drawbacks is dancing.

Kristina and her dance partner
Kristina and her dance partner

I have considered writing a blog on dancing and the humor it brings into my life. That’s right – the humor. You see, I happen to be the tallest girl in my dance company and man, does that bring challenges!

Especially when you have to do lifts.

With boys who are shorter than you.

Just a few weeks ago we were learning a new death drop (sounds dangerous right? I’m pretty sure it is….) and there is a part where the girl has to extend her leg at waist level and the guy catches her leg to keep balance. Then you “simply” lean forward (and hope and pray that the guy doesn’t have to sneeze and drops you on your face…) I extended my leg (which is the twice the size of my partner) and instead of leaning forward I feel the guy slowly being pulled by my body! I think I might have had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard.

So what if it has its drawbacks? Being tall is fantastic! The fact of the matter is I have chosen to embrace the beautiful six feet I have been given, and it is your choice to embrace your height too. No matter how tall or how short.

You are beautiful.

Are you going to embrace it or hate it? I can tell you that the first option will make life much more delightful than if you choose the second.

The choice is yours.

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