Getting your music to listeners isn’t as easy as most of us would like. However, there are companies like CD Baby and TuneCore that make that job significantly easier! Through these companies, your music becomes available for digital downloads at places like iTunes and Amazon, and available for listening on sites like Spotify.

So which one do you pick?

Say you have an album. 10 songs for $9.99. iTunes takes 30% of those sales, so we’re dealing with 70% of the sale ($7 for every album sold). Here’s how the numbers pan out: 

CD Baby vs TuneCore hypothetical



It’s a gamble, that’s for sure! This is where a solid distribution plan would really come in handy. We’ll talk more about that soon. Just remember to crunch all the numbers before making a decision on which company to use!

Good luck, too! Which company would you pick?



The information above was calculated using information provided from each site, as displayed below:

cd baby vs tunecore

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