4 Tips on How to be vulnerable

If you haven’t seen this already, watch this: It’s an interesting concept – vulnerability – and one that hits home to many people, including the team here at Kristina Evonne music. So what’s the deal? Why should any of us be vulnerable? According to Brene Brown, we “stop screaming and start listening” and we become […]

What no one tells you about releasing a single

It’s been just over a week since releasing On My Way. The support has been amazing! Thanks for listening, sharing, and buying her debut single! We had a chance to sit down with Kristina and ask her about what she’s experienced in the last week. Here’s what no one tells you about releasing a single: Be […]

Easter Traditions

I love the liveliness and hope that arises around Easter. I come from a family who is firmly rooted in the soil that is the gospel of Jesus Christ and every year (with the exception of this year) we perform an Easter Cantata – Loves Greatest Gift.  (Cantata- a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with […]

How to not be perfect

This is a guest post. In high school, I was involved in orchestra. There was a phrase that was drilled into our heads on a daily basis: Perfection is our goal. Excellence will be tolerated. It seems fine in practice, but I didn’t realize the damaging effects until about a decade later. I teach violin […]

How to be inspired when there’s no time

Have you ever been in front of your computer, fingers on the keys, and icy hot panic running through your veins? You look at the clock every 10 seconds, mentally calculating how long until you’ve waited too long. You’ve had weeks to do this, and yet here you are – last minute, wasting all your […]

The perfect songwriting formula

If you’re a country music fan, you may recognize any of these songs:     Songwriting is tricky and simple in the same breath. There are formulas that work consistently over time (see here, here, or here). Formulas have been used throughout history in music. Even Gregorian Chants had a basic formula. When you learn basic […]

Update on Kristina’s music

Great news! Christmas break is almost here. The countdown has been going on since school started. Kristina is scheduled to be in the studio as soon as the break begins. We can hardly wait! Stay tuned for videos, sneak peeks, and more! Leave a comment below to tell us what YOU want to see! Have […]

Why do we love theater?

Kristina just finished up participating in Logan High School’s musical Curtains. It’s a fun murder mystery, musical-within-a-musical kind of show. We caught Kristina as she was getting ready one night and asked her about her thoughts on the theater. Check it out!