Releasing your first single as a musician can be terrifying and thrilling all at once. There are so many steps to take along the journey, but once you’re ready to go, make sure you have a few things in order:

1. How will you release your single?
You’ve got options! Will you use a service like CD Baby or TuneCore? Will people buy your single? Will you offer a free download? What’s your distribution plan? Make sure you’ve got one ready to go. Write it down. Don’t just go with the flow – make sure you have a plan!

2. How will you tell your listeners about your single?
Do you have an email list? Do you have a website? Are you active on social media? How will you let people know your single is available?

3. How will people find you?
What’s your marketing plan? How will you gain new listeners? Do you have a strategy in place? Think about where new listeners can find you and get there!

4. What’s your next step?
Is this your first single? Is there a follow up album? Make sure you have the next step planned, if not ready to launch!

5. What’s your follow-up plan?
How will you capitalize on the release of your single? How will you keep momentum going?

Remember this is a business! Find the balance of creative and business within you in order to make the most of your single release. A little humble self-promotion goes a long way!

Don’t forget to have fun, too! You’re living the dream! Make the most of it!

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